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Creating Picnic table
If you’re searching for easy and fine woodworking projects, then you’re probably searching for thesethree things:  Instructions and all the tricks and tips necessary for you to complete to complete the woodworking projects, all in a solitary place. Style, and without sacrificing quality, because we know you want your gorgeous workbench plans to last long. All that […]
Simple Storage Box by NutandBolt
I made this simple storage box for my baby’s toys. It’s an easy one day project and you can improve or add your own design to it. Material you will need: Your choice of wood. Mitre saw, skill saw or hand saw. Jigsaw (use special blade for cutting angles) Biscuit jointer and biscuits no10. Hand sander. different […]
Wooden beer mug by drean
This instructable is for making a big wooden beer mug. I made it 15cm x 22cm. It is not so suitible for drinking beer (pallet wood can be toxic) but for decorative purpose or ,like me as a trash and beercaps bin. If you wanne make one you can drink from ,there are some suggestions […]
Building Plyometric Boxes (Plyo Boxes) by gabebillings
Plyometric boxes are a fantastic workout tool and are common sight in Crossfit Gyms.  They’re quite expensive to purchase but much cheaper to make, and they aren’t overly difficult to construct.At my gym we’ve got a number of different boxes, several each of 12″, 18″, 20″ and 24″ heights.  One of the other members told […]
Techniques for making a few simple boxes
This instructable will show several techniques for making simple wood boxes.”But Photozz,” you say.. “That’s just… lame. Cant you hack and umbrella and toaster together to make something that keeps you dry and warm at the same time? “”But Internet people” I say… “Shadup and stop stealing my ideas….The electric umbrella is not.. ready… yet.” […]



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