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Create Bookcase Storage – Step by step
Books are an important part of our lives. Everybody, who is fond of books needs to manage the books properly and a bookcase storage is a perfect place to keep them. You do not need to visit the market to purchase costly built in bookcase. You just need to follow simple bookcase storage ideas. These […]
Easy Steps to Building Adirondack Chairs
This is basic and easy chairs to make and with simple furniture plans, you can be able to accomplish this woodwork task within four hours. Making this kind of chairs is a good beginner’s woodworking project as there are not many complications to the plans. Here is other example but on video: Stage 1: collections […]
Decor home with Wooden LED Pallets
So you have a dinner, a car-wash place or any establishment and want your signage to be unique and not your run-of-the-mill signage then the wood could be a good alternative to the dime-a-dozen commercial signs. If you have access to a shipping dock or transportation company, then getting pallets to work with should not […]
Wooden Candle Holders in 6 Easy Steps
You do not need to throw away the pieces of wood that lie around in your house from other woodworking projects but instead you can utilize them for simple DIY wood projects like the one we are about to embark on of making wooden candle holders. Check also this project on youtube, it’s not the […]
Stationery Holder for Your Computer Keyboard
For people with small working desks, it is always a headache to find somewhere to place the stationery items you use often and when you do, you do not know where to place those for easier accessibility for the next time you will need to use them. So why not use the free woodworking plans […]
Make Your Own Treasure Chest in 4 Steps
This is the kind of woodwork project that could be done effortlessly in one afternoon because the woodwork ideas implemented here are simple and the hand tools are easily available but it is important t to use what you have available. Here is the other treasure chest (look video) You can also check Simple Storage Box […]
Make Wooden Boxes At Home like A Pro
Boxes come in handy when making a place tidy aside from them being easy to pack and wooden boxes can be used as storage spaces or with a little padding be turned into seats. So how do we make these boxes? We will make a small box using box joints for demonstration as our woodwork […]
Easy Steps for Making a Lemonade Stand
Making a lemonade stand as a wood project is a good way to foster a working relationship with your kids as you make the stand together and after the summer is gone it can still be reused as puppet theatre or a garden wishing well. So what will you need in order to bring this […]
Creating Picnic table
If you’re searching for easy and fine woodworking projects, then you’re probably searching for thesethree things:  Instructions and all the tricks and tips necessary for you to complete to complete the woodworking projects, all in a solitary place. Style, and without sacrificing quality, because we know you want your gorgeous workbench plans to last long. All that […]
Simple Storage Box by NutandBolt
I made this simple storage box for my baby’s toys. It’s an easy one day project and you can improve or add your own design to it. Material you will need: Your choice of wood. Mitre saw, skill saw or hand saw. Jigsaw (use special blade for cutting angles) Biscuit jointer and biscuits no10. Hand sander. different […]
Wooden beer mug by drean
This instructable is for making a big wooden beer mug. I made it 15cm x 22cm. It is not so suitible for drinking beer (pallet wood can be toxic) but for decorative purpose or ,like me as a trash and beercaps bin. If you wanne make one you can drink from ,there are some suggestions […]



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