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Create Bookcase Storage – Step by step

Books are an important part of our lives. Everybody, who is fond of books needs to manage the books properly and a bookcase storage is a perfect place to keep them. You do not need to visit the market to purchase costly built in bookcase. You just need to follow simple bookcase storage ideas. These bookshelf storage ideas are too simple to follow and you can save a lot of money in this way. Following are the easy steps to build bookcase plans.

First Step: Background

I always tried to find best built in bookcase plans on the internet. But most of the times online sellers present the shabby designs. So the best way is to opt for custom-built bookcase plan. You may find some woodworking bookcase plans on the internet. You may come across different exclusive woodworking bookcase plans detailed cutting guide, but it never seems to be simple enough. These steps will help you to construct wood bookcase plans in a very simple and affordable way.

Second Step: Plans

Screenshot regarding Create Bookcase Storage

Keeping in the mind the regular shape and size of the books, it is always better to opt for a cube bookcase storage plan. Keep in mind that symmetry is the key here. Your design should be useful enough to keep as many books as possible. You can use one large piece of plywood for this purpose. The size of the Book Storage Cubby Unit can be different, but I advise you to keep it three feet by three feet, for each square. The depth of the wood bookcase plans can be one foot, which is sufficient. Other than plywood, you may also use wood but, in that case, your cost will be a bit higher.


Third Step: Cutting the Wood

Screenshot about Create Bookcase Storage

Keep in mind to use a sharp and nice cutting saw for this purpose. You must follow the proper safety measures during this process. Keep in mind that you cannot afford even a slightest of error during the cutting. So carefully mark all the measurements and remain calm and cool. Do not try to be hasty. After marking the measurements accurately, you should use the saw with all the necessary cautions.

Fourth Step: Routing Dadoes

Screenshot regarding Create Bookcase Storage

In most of the cases, especially when we talk about the barrister’s bookcase plan, there must be removable shelves to support properly the cubbies. This technique also presents a better look to the whole structure, especially if we talk about the bookcase storage bed.

Fifth Step: Glue and Screw

Screenshot in relation to Create Bookcase Storage

Sometimes people tend to prefer glue and they try to avoid screws. But glue cannot be everlasting. Especially in the case of bookcase storage bed, the glue will not be able to serve the purpose properly. Screws are always a smart option because you can tighten the whole structure if it gets lose after some years.

Seventh Step: Fix the Back

Screenshot about Create Bookcase Storage

It is preferable to use a single piece of plywood or wood as the back of the bookcase. Once again, you must be very clear about the size of the bookcase at the planning stage. Sometimes, people find it troublesome to have a bookcase with a back which is composed of two or three pieces of plywood. It definitely weakens the whole structure.

After you have fixed the back, you can place the bookcase anywhere you want to. Fill it with the books and enjoy reading with a whole new enthusiasm.





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