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Tutorial how Building a Closet Shelf

You may find countless number of woodworking shelf plans on the internet. But most of the times they tend to be too complex for the people. This article is focused on the easy method of Woodworking Shelf to construct an attractive and effective Closet Shelf.

The benefit of the home decor shelf is that you can put a lot of things in them making the room more spacious. One thing about DIY shelf plans is that they should be quite easy to follow. They must be for everyone, not for the specialists only. Let us move towards to basic steps to make a shelf.

First Step: The Tools which You Require

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Following tolls are necessary for this woodworking plans cabinet:


  • A marker or pencil
  • Eraser to make corrections
  • Stud Finder
  • Measuring Tape
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Triangle and Square

Additionally, you will also need shelf brackets which are capable of supporting up to 50kg of weight. The home Depot decorative shelf is used to contain some heavy things as well. So it is necessary to use strong brackets.

Second Step: Spacious Design

Wall décor shelf should have enough space to contain large things as well. This is why you need to work on such a design which allows you to put anything in the shelves. Normally, a three foot wide and three-foot high shelf is suitable. For the right wood shelf plans, it is necessary to keep an eye on the depth also. The depth should be at least 18 inches. Most of the home décor wall shelving ideas suggest to keep the width suitable, it should not be too deep to cover a lot of room space. The size of the room should also be considered.

Third Step: Measuring, Cutting, and Molding

Finest Tutorial how Building a Closet Shelf photography

The measuring and marking should be very precise. There is no margin for error at this stage. Each measurement should be marked carefully with a pencil. Use the eraser to make the corrections.Never make things rubbish by cutting and then overlapping the lines.

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Molding is quite important in the case of half wall shelf cabinet woodworking. The marks on the wall at the corners of the wall, the thickness of the wood will make the difference. So work carefully and perform your mathematical skills for plans build shelf project.

Finest Tutorial how Building a Closet Shelf photograph

Fourth Step: Fix the Brackets

The brackets are very necessary to build knick knack shelf. The length of the brackets may be different in different projects. You have the choice of selecting suitable length, according to your own perception. It is better to fix the brackets at the place where the studs are fixed. In this way, it will give more strength to the whole structure.

Greatest Tutorial how Building a Closet Shelf photograph

Another advantage is that the studs will not remain visible because they will be hidden by the brackets.

Fifth Steps: Shaping the Side Shelf

This is very important because every room does not have a precise measurement at the corners. So it is very important to tapper the edges both from the front and at the back. It is better to select the longest side and try to fix it in the right position. Keep on shaving the edges until the size becomes exactly suitable.




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