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Easy Steps to Building Adirondack Chairs

This is basic and easy chairs to make and with simple furniture plans, you can be able to accomplish this woodwork task within four hours.

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Making this kind of chairs is a good beginner’s woodworking project as there are not many complications to the plans.

Here is other example but on video:


Stage 1: collections of the requisite materials and tools

The following list contains all the materials needed so there is no need to purchase something already in your possession. It is also important to ensure that the woodworking hand tools are in perfect working conditions,. Here you will find similar article about  Building Adirondack Chairs

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  • Wood: this will be of 3 different dimensions and preferably with little knots such as pine
    • 1 by 4 by 40
    • 1 by 6 by 6
    • 1 by 8 by 10
  • Marking tool preferably pencil
  • Screws: 1 box each of 2-inches and 1.25 inches deck screws
  • Saw: MITRE saw and jigsaw
  • Sand paper: 100-220 gauge
  • Drills
  • Safety goggles
  • Measuring tape, ‘L’ and a  level

With these materials and equipment, you are now ready to make the chair you want.

There are many ways of making your chair unique including designing the back, length of the legs etc. and this is why a furniture plan should be in place before you start doing anything on the work bench.

Stage 2: Measuring and cut the wood

Use the MITRE rule to reduce the (1 by 4) into the following measurements:

  • 5 * 44 inches – for the back
  • 5 * 23 inches – for the seat
  • 2 * 24 inches – for the legs
  • 2 * 10 inches – for the arms
  • 1 * 26.75 inches – middle back brace
  • 1 * 20.75 inches –top back brace

Reduce the (1 by 6) into 2 * 32-inch arms

  • img
  • img
  • img

Reduce the (1 by 8) into:

  • 3 * 35 inch – for stringers
  • 1 * 23 inch – for front brace
  • 1 * 20.75 inch – for the bottom back brace

Stage 3: assembling of the parts

  • img
  • img
  • img
  1. Assemble the back boards first than according to your plan Cut them accordingly ensuring that they are evenly spaced between them and use the 1.25 inch screws after drilling to fasten the middle brace first, then the bottom brace and end with the top brace.
  2. Join the stringers to the legs making sure one end of the stringer is rounded and the other end joins to the front brace. Establish how high from the ground you want the brace to be from the ground. Make sure the legs are even on the ground.
  3. Put both assembled parts together using the 2-inch screws after determining the angle of slant, a distance of the back, etc.
  4. Attach the seat boards to the stringers using the 1.25-inch screws two on every side ensuring there is drainage space between the seat and the back.
  5. Attach the arm supports using at least 2 1.25 screws from the inside of the chair.
  6. Attach the arms to the middle brace overhanging and the other end rest them on the supports holding them in place using the 2-inch screws.

Step 4: Sanding and finishing

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You now have your chair, so this last part depends on your design specifications. But for the sake of a good finish, sand along the grains to make it smooth and if you want you can either paint it or apply a clear coat.







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