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Stationery Holder for Your Computer Keyboard

For people with small working desks, it is always a headache to find somewhere to place the stationery items you use often and when you do, you do not know where to place those for easier accessibility for the next time you will need to use them. So why not use the free woodworking plans available to sort this issue out.

And one of these plans is to have a keyboard stationery holder that is easy to maintain and through minimal woodwork knowledge, create.

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You do not necessarily have to go and obtain fresh material to work with but if you have broken or unused wood furniture, then they can provide the material for this project.

For this woodwork project you will need to have in your possession or readily available to you the following:

  • Woodcut into 2  of (150 by 530)mm for the top and 2 of (70 by 150)mm for the legs
  • Staining agent preferably teak and  sponge for applying
  • Water-borne Sealing material preferably poly wax
  • Sandpaper 400-grit
  • Wood glue
  • Paint brush

And for the tools, you should be able to access the following:

  • An 8 mm-gauge drill
  • 35 mm spade bit
  • saw blades- jigsaw and clean-cut
  • sanding pads
  • measure and marking tool preferably pencil
  • clamps

Now you are ready to embark on this woodwork project. All the materials you require should be readily accessible and your workbench plans nearby so that when you start you do not need to stop to go and fetch something far away.



Step #1:

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  • Identify all the things that you would want to have on the holder and draw out their dimensions on the piece of wood that will be the top.
  • In order to be able to access the stationery items on the holder, a half drilled hole should be placed to act as a guide for later curving. You can also opt to use a chisel to chip at any edge to create a slot where your finger will be going into to lift the various stationery items from their slots.


  1. Drill out all the corners for the slots. If possible using the 8 mm drilling bit.
  2. Cut out the slots using the jigsaw blade
  3. Smoothen the sides and the insides of the cutout slots using the sand paper


Step #2

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  1. Apply finishing on the different pieces before they are assembled e.g. Woodoc 25W then use any Staining agent you have present. The staining agent helps to emphasize the finish.
  2. Apply coat and let it dry. In order to have a good gloss, the coat should be applied more than once on the material and this also helps in the preservation of the wood. After the first coat has dried, use a fine-gauge sand paper the even the coat out, then apply several more coats.
  3. Assemble the two top pieces together with the legs and hold them in place with glue and for better adhesion, an overnight stay with the clamp would do. You can opt to fasten them further using nails, but this is not a must.


Now your keyboard holder is complete for use.




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