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Easy Steps for Making a Lemonade Stand

Making a lemonade stand as a wood project is a good way to foster a working relationship with your kids as you make the stand together and after the summer is gone it can still be reused as puppet theatre or a garden wishing well.

So what will you need in order to bring this lemonade stand to existence?

Tools and equipment


  • Tape measure
  • Marking material like pencil
  • Saw preferably circular
  • Drill or hand driver with bits
  • Hammer


  • Wood 8 pieces and 12 pieces measuring 4 inches by 6 inches by 12 feet and 2inches by 4 inches by 6 feet respectively.

You can choose to buy or reuse the wood furniture that has not been used for a while or not in use completely. If you are buying, pressure treated wood is ideal for outdoor use.


  • Steel Nails or screws for the outdoors.

It is important to have all your materials readily accessible to minimize the movements and to ensure that your lemonade stand plans are done without much stress.

Stage 1: building the panels

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  1. For the front and back pieces, Using the tape measure, measure and cut 4 of the (2 by 4) inch planks into 36 inches in length ensuring the ends are cut to 45 degrees by use of a miter rule.

For the side pieces, measure and cut 4 other (2 by 4) inch to 32 inches in length ensuring the end is at 45 degrees.

  1. For the panels, measure and cut 22 pieces to 28-inch long boards.
  2. For the front panel, lay one deck board an eighth on the inside away from the front and back pieces of the stand. Nail the deck boards with the edge onto the front and back pieces.And repeat this for the bottom pieces too.
  3. With the remaining pieces of the deck boards, nail or screw them to the front and back pieces and the some to the bottom piece.
  4. Repeat the same steps outlined above from II –IV for the back panels
  5. For the side panel, place one deck board 1 and an eighth on the inside away from the side piece.
  6. And for the rest of the side panels, repeat the steps outlined in II – IV.
  7. Fix the pieces together with the side panels fitting inside the back and front panels.

Stage 2: building the counter top

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This is where the product will be displayed. Therefore, a wide and stable top is essential to avoid spillage.

  1. Measure and cut 2 pieces of (2 by 4) inch pieces into 36 inch in length ensuring the ends are cut to 45 degrees. Take to more and reduce the length to 32 inches.
  2. Join the counter top to the panels using the screws to hold them in place.

Stage 3: making the roof

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This is just to keep the objects on display from the falling objects.

  1. Measure and cut 1 piece of (2 by 4) inch piece into 70 inches in length with one of its end arrow pointed.
  2. With the point side facing up attach it with nails/screws to the center of one of the side panels.
  3. Measure and cut 2 pieces of the (2 by 4) inch to 24 inches with 45 degrees edges at the end. Nail them together end-to-end. Reduce another piece to 16 inches.
  4. Fix the support piece to the roof frame to the outside of the pointed end plank. And repeat the same steps from I-IV for the other side of the roof.
  5. Measure and cut 6 pieces of the (2 by 4) inch into 36 inches and nail them across the roof to provide cover.
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With that you have a lemonade stand; you can make the edges and surfaces smooth and even paint it to make it more attractive.







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