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Make Your Own Treasure Chest in 4 Steps

This is the kind of woodwork project that could be done effortlessly in one afternoon because the woodwork ideas implemented here are simple and the hand tools are easily available but it is important t to use what you have available.

Here is the other treasure chest (look video) You can also check Simple Storage Box by NutandBolt and This tutorial about ceating treasure chest

So for this project you will need the following:


  • A block of wood preferably cedar as it is easy to work with
  • Marking tool like a  pencil
  • Chisel and mallet
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Sand paper
  • Glue and nails

With this, you are ready to start your woodwork project.

Step 1:

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  1. For the lid, cut a piece off the cedar block using the saw preferably the table saw. I cut off a width of 0.5 inch for my lid.
  2. Use the pencil to mark out the space that will be the actual storage place of your treasure chest. I measured 1 inch from the edges and a half inch from the sides. Pencils make very good marking tools for your furniture plans as they are not permanent.

Step 2:

  1. Now hollow out the inside of the shape you have marked out with the pencil. I used a 1.5-inch drilling bit set to ensure that I drill 1 inch from the bottom. It is important to ensure that the drill reaches the same depth all over the chest to avoid drilling right through or creating an uneven bottom.
  2. Now use the chisel to make the inner edges and floor of the would-be treasure chest even.
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Step 3:

  1. You can decide to leave the block as is but for me I decided to make walls and floor for my chest, so I cut a couple of boards measuring an eighth of an inch. These serve to conceal the drill marks.
  2. The bottom piece goes in first, the rest of the pieces follow ensuring that space is left for the lid to fit in. I left an eighth of an inch.
  3. Glue the walls in place and use clams to hold the firmly in place until they are dry.
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Step 4:

  1. Now for the lid, you can choose to let the lid lay on the edges of the sides or fit snuggly and seal it completely. I opted to glue and secure further with nail tacks, a piece of slab on the bottom side of the lid measuring an eighth. Note: make sure you measure the opening on the treasure chest accurately to ensure that it fits.
  2. Use sandpaper on the edges of the lid for a smoother surface and for a better fitting lid.
  3. Start with a course grained sand paper working to a finer one to guarantee a clean and smooth surface.
  4. You can stain or apply paint as you prefer. I applied a coat of varnish, then used a very fine sand paper to even the coat out before I applied other coats.
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And that is how you make your own treasure chest with the use of minimal woodworking supplies, now the next goal is to find a treasure to place n that treasure chest.







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