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Make Wooden Boxes At Home like A Pro

Boxes come in handy when making a place tidy aside from them being easy to pack and wooden boxes can be used as storage spaces or with a little padding be turned into seats. So how do we make these boxes? We will make a small box using box joints for demonstration as our woodwork project then you can work with the dimensions you want for the box size you want.

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Here is the other example of small box to create using wood:


Material and equipment

  • Marking tool preferably pencil
  • 4-inch wide board
  • A scrap board
  • Table saw
  • Straight file
  • Clamps
  • A quarter inch straight bit
  • A router table

The above materials and woodworking tools are easily available and a perusal of your local woodwork magazine can provide you with alternatives that are affordable and easy to get.

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Step #1: Preparation of the sides



  • Reduce the wood board to the size you are comfortable working with by planning it. For our woodworking project, we will be using a 2.5 inch wide planned to 3/8-inch thickness.
  • Cut four sides and mark those at the top according to the way they will be assembled i.e. left, right, front and back.


Step #2: Prepare the jigs

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  1. Because I wanted to work with quarter inch fingers, I used a quarter inch straight bit on the router and ensured that the height was the same as the thickness of one of my sides and did not change it. NOTE: do not change the height once set.
  2. Use the router to cut a rectangular hole that will hold the finger of the jig. Cut another piece to fit in  this hole
  3. Align the jig board with a clearing of the same size as the bit i.e. quarter inch and clamp it firmly on the router
  4. Cut a second hole

Step #3: Prepare the interlocking fingers

  • img
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  1. Ensure that the inside of the jig finger and one side of the side piece are aligned then route a hole that, if done correctly, should be a quarter from the left edge.
  2. For the rest of the fingers move the pieces along ensuring that the slot cut fits over the jig finger.
  3. For the second piece the same procedure that was followed in the first piece is followed with a difference being that in this piece the first finger is a hole and this is done by readjusting the clearing.
  4. Continue along the whole piece to ensure the pattern is repeated along the whole length.
  5. Then test the fits, if the fitting is large, file off the extra chunk and if it is small, redo with better measurements.
  6. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining edges of the box.

Step #4: making the lid and the bottom

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  1. For a close fitting lid and a glue-able bottom, cut a ridge around both the bottom and the lid the size of the width of the sides. For my case, I used a depth of one-eighth. This will create a lifted surface equal to the hollow part of the box.

Step #5: Finishing

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  • Glue the bottom onto the four jointed sides of the box. The lid should be fitting well.


  1. You can make the box smooth and apply coats of paint according to your preference.

With that, you have your very own box.





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