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Wooden Candle Holders in 6 Easy Steps

You do not need to throw away the pieces of wood that lie around in your house from other woodworking projects but instead you can utilize them for simple DIY wood projects like the one we are about to embark on of making wooden candle holders.

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Materials and equipment – You need this

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  • Wood preferably not more than half an inch
  • Glue
  • Drill bit the size of the candlestick
  • Power Drill
  • Saw
  • Sand paper 60-300 gauge
  • Pen and paper for drawing
  • Vice and clamps
  • Clear coat with brush

Step 1: Size of the candle holder

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  1. It always important for any wood worker to plan, so plan the size you would want your candle holders to be but ensure that the sides are longer than the diameter of the candles.
  2. Since we are making square candle holders for 1.5-inch diameter candles, we will be using 3-inch square.

Step 2: Do you like cuting?

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  1. Use the pen to draw out the measurements on a piece of paper and use it to draw outlines on the pieces of wood
  2. Now cut the wood according to the patterns you had transferred from the paper
  3. Glue them together BUT do not sand them just yet.It is common practice to have the shape first before the sanding begins.

Step 3: Use Glue!

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  1. Glue the pieces of wood to the height you desire but the glue does not have to be evenly spread but ensure it’s enough

Step 4: Now time for sanding

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  • Hold the pieces between the vice ensuring you use protective pieces between the vice and the project to prevent damaging your project
  • Smoothen using the most coarse of sandpaper to flatten the edges then move to a less coarse one after the first round ensuring you move diagonally as this is the best way to flatten the surfaces. Use a set square to ensure you have right angles and make adjustments by sanding or cutting where this is not so.
  • Now finalize by using the finest sand paper to make all surfaces completely smooth.


Step 5: Do you like drilling?

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  1. Draw diagonals by joining the corners of the topmost square piece and where they intersect is the center.
  2. Drill at the center using the drilling bit that is the size of the candle you want to make and ensure it reaches the depth you would want the candle to reach in the holder. It is normally advised that the hole be a quarter of the candle length.
  3. After making the hole, make its edges smooth with the finest sandpaper you have.

Step 6: Last step and modifications

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  • Apply the first coat on the candle holder and let it dry up, then use the finest sand paper (400 gauge would be ideal) to smoothen it further. Apply two other coats ensuring that the coat dries up before applying another coat.

And with that you have yourself a homemade candle holder that is totally unique to you and you can play around with different shapes for more unique candle holders. You can sample popular woodworking literature for more and better ideas on how to improve on the designs that you have already.




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