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Build a Wooden Desk with Steel Support

There are a number of online shops from where you can purchase a computer desk. But the problem is that the price of these products is quite high and most of the people do not afford to purchase those computer desks.

I have personally faced this problem and then I decided to refer to DIY desk plans. The tips which helped me a lot to build a desk are quite simple and in this articles I am going to share these tips with you. So stop searching for the cheap computer desks and spend some time to have fun with the wood and tools.

I made this work area out of scrap wood from my timber yard and 1-inch square steel tube from the home warehouse. I utilized a hand crafted roundabout saw dance cut false metal dovetails into the wood to join the steel. You can also use this corner computer desk for many other purposes. You can use it as writing desk as well.

First Step: The Top of the Desk

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You can use a simple piece of wood to use as the top of the table. Some of the drop front desk plans also suggest to use the plywood, but I always prefer to sue the solid wood.

Second Step: Shape the Edges

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I utilized the table saw to decrease precisely a rabbet the distance around my top so it would slip into the metal edge. This is the best solution to make smooth edges. You may find this technique in all the writing desk plans.

Third Step: Cut the Dovetails

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I made a snappy dance for the roundabout saw to cut the dovetails on my top. I made them 2 inches in length with 15-degree inclines. I utilized the aide on the round saw to keep running up against plywood “rails” which gave a splendidly uniform shape.

Fourth Step: Build the Frame

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I welded a casing together with a modest MIG welder. It is 30 inches tall. My first test attack of the top into the edge went well. I cleared out around 1/4″ squirm room which was required following my edge was marginally out of square. These frames are very useful for the durability of a gaming computer desk.

Fifth Step: Cutting of the Metal

I utilized a 14″ metal cleave saw to cut each of the 10 metal supplements. I utilized the processor to get them near to a flawless fit, then the belt sander for adjusting. As opposed to welding in every dovetail, I utilized 5-moment epoxy. I did this because my welding isn’t lovely, and it presumably would have blazed the wood.

Sixth Step: Finishing

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I utilized two layers of furniture oil to complete the top and shower polyurethane to seal the steel. The completed item turned out awesome! The main thing I wished I did was uncover each of the 2 inches of the top on the front side so it looked a bit thicker.

Here video with step by step:

I am sure that you will find this DIY process one of the best among all the computer desk plans available on the internet. Have a great time and enjoy sitting on the computer for hours.



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