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Decor home with Wooden LED Pallets

So you have a dinner, a car-wash place or any establishment and want your signage to be unique and not your run-of-the-mill signage then the wood could be a good alternative to the dime-a-dozen commercial signs.

If you have access to a shipping dock or transportation company, then getting pallets to work with should not be a big issue. Pallets are very versatile and with a little skill and readily available woodworking tools, can be converted to very many things including furniture and unique things like logos and many more woodworking projects as we are about to see.

Step #1:

Verify today guidelines how produce Solid wood GUIDED Brand coming from Pallets

Draw out the shape of the logo on a piece of plywood. Note: Plywood comes in different dimensions and thickness. Therefore it is Important you have the thickness that you are comfortable working with.


Step #2:

Check right now suggestions precisely how create Solid wood LED Logo design via Pallets

The beauty of pallets is that they are made of different types of wood and these have different colors. So you can use the specifications you want.

Cut the pallet wood using readily available woodworking tools into thin sizable 1-inch ribbons using a jointer to ensure straight edges bearing in mind that the presence of knots and splits in the wood would interfere with your design.

After the strips have been cut to the desirable size, lay the two structure pieces side by side and lay the strips across both pieces of the structure and hold them firmly to the structure pieces using glue and after they have dried up, reinforce them using nails.

Now the strips of wood should be laying side by side on the structure pieces with their rugged edges. Now reduce them to the shape of the structure by cutting off the overhanging sides of the strips.

Step #3:

For depth and dimension, glue and nail pieces of the wood onto the edges of the structure. Lift the structure off the work bench and continue to fix the strips onto the side, holding them in place with glue and nails.

For the corners and curved edges, shape the pallet wood strips individually for them to fit the structure shape well.

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Step #4:

To keep the structure from resting on the wall, cut wood on which the structure will rest on and this can also serve as the source guideline for the LED lights.

To stop the light from escaping through the slits, it is advisable to seal the gaps and provide a more sold structure.

Now with your fine woodworking structure now able to rest a safe distance off the wall, you can use any hanging system you prefer but the French cleat system is suitable as it provides for easy hanging or access later.


Step #5:

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This is when we fit the LEDs onto the structure. Because there are likely curved surfaces on your logo structure, using the flexible LED tape is good as it easy to work with and low-priced. Working with the tape affords you the chance to cut, extend, shorten or link at different points.

Depending on the design of your logo, cut the LED strip for every side of your logo. Since the LED tape comes with a remote, your are able to determine various aspects of the lighting such as keeping it on or off, the intensity of the light, or the color scheme etc. in laying the LED tape on the logo structure ensure the infra-red sensor is detectable by the remote.

And with that you have your own low-cost, unique, logo signage.







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