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Wooden Rustic Coffee Table

Coffee Table is always a good thing to have in your house. It creates a very pleasing and soothing impact on the guests also. In this article, you will find the coffee table DIY so that you can save you money and prepare your own design as well.

First Step: Selecting the Wood

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It is better to opt for the drift wood in order to work on the coffee table plans. But it depends upon the area where you live, whether the required wood is available or not. Walnut coffee table is also very effective but the wood for such coffee table projects is mostly found in the hilly areas.

Second Step: Cut the Wood into Pieces

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Before working on this step, you need to create the design on the paper. Decide all the measurements and then proceed further to the wood cutting stage. You can use an ordinary hand saw to cut the pieces.

Third Step: Sanding of the Wood

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It is quite important to sand the coffee table furniture so you should follow this process before joining the pieces. This procedure gives the furniture a cool and efficient look. It also feels well finished and attractive. The guests will have a feeling of neatness and aesthetic attraction as well. Moreover, it makes the edges smooth and there is no danger of any unwanted texture which could make things irritating.

Fourth Step: Joining the Pieces

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You need to use glue first of all. Glue is very important to keep the whole structure in the proper shape. After applying the glue, use must also go through the drilling process to install the screws. Screws give a long lasting strength to the furniture. This is why, the experts suggest the use of both, glue and screws for properly finish the woodworking table plans.

Fifth Step: A Cool Creative Look

This step is optional. It is up to the choice and liking of the particular person. Some people do not like to add anything and they love keeping it as simple as possible. There are many guides about how make table, and they suggest different ways of a touchy finishing. In my view, this should be the creative approach of every individual. You may paint any symbol which reflects the unity of the family. I mean, this finishing process must be much customized. It should attract the family members.

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Whatever you do at the last stage, keep in mind that it must have some value for all the family members. If you are a couple, without kids, then you may paint a phrase or a something like that. You can get the idea from the charm lockets. There are countless number of options and this is an endless debate whether to give it a fancy touch or not. So it gives you complete freedom to use your own imagination. Whatever you do, it should attract others. If you cannot, then leave it simple and keep it natural.



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